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Meet Aliza Pearl aka "Izzy"

I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been invited to play an Afro Latina. But Gabby was like, “I see you, girl.”

Playing Izzy in Illegally Brown was not only tons of fun on set, but also a chance for me to play a complex, powerful, multifaceted Latina character. Izzy is caught between many worlds– a government official, a Black Latina living in Mexico, disabled– and is always having to fend for herself. Let’s just say, it was not hard to relate to Izzy! She also is super smart, and able to see how the complicated situation Luna and Vanessa find themselves in can actually be mutually beneficial for all of them. Izzy is resourceful and a master planner, and I’m so glad I got to bring this character to life!

I mentioned before that working on set was fun– that’s actually an understatement. Working with Jessica Marie Garcia and Annie Gonzalez, two ladies whose work I adore and I was already an avid fan of, was an absolute dream. They truly brought it, and their chemistry is off the charts. And now that I’ve seen firsthand Feraz Ozel’s comedic chops as Samir, I can say that I am now a fan of his too!

I’m excited to see how far this film goes, and can’t wait for all the Latina comedy nerds (and people who love Latina comedy nerds) to see this incredibly funny film.

When I'm not playing badass government officials, you can find me on the internet and film/tv as an actor, writer, TTRPG player, gamemaster, and dungeon master. @AlizaPearl on Twitter and Instagram, TheRealAlizaPearl on TikTok.

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